MAXJENNY! IS A YOUNG, SMART AND INNOVATIVE fashion company created by the swedish/danish designer Maxjenny Forslund. The label offers fashion-forward indoor styles and functional outdoor all weather gear.

MAXJENNY! OUTDOOR PRODUCTS ARE CRAFTED and designed to withstand a heavy rain and a stormy life all while presenting a colorful, cool and stylish look. 

USING PRINTED, RAINPROOF, BREATHABLE and protective recycled fabric for clothes, hats, bags and umbrellas maxjenny! brings together unique technical qualities and high fashion design. maxjenny! pushes fashion for rainy days just a little bit further.

MAXJENNYS!’S INDOOR COLLECTION SPEAKS to women of all ages, occupations and nationalities. The message is clear! Yes, it is okay to feel comfortable, confident and relaxed in lots of colors and patterns to signal an active lifestyle and a fearless approach to life.

SHE ADDS A DASH OF CRAZINESS and hardcore styling to one’s daily lifestyle, and voilá - there you have maxjenny!’s formula of design. A formula that created many wardrobe classics and earned its label as a must-have brand.

Welcome to our colourful world!